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Excellent Stocking Stuffer is a compilation of demos, outtakes, live versions, and other oddities that was available through The Rentals' fan club circa 2001. It is widely spread digitally online through message boards and PTP networks. As the tracks were taken from a wide variety of sources, the sound quality varies accordingly.

Track listing

  1. "So Soon" (live)
  2. "Mrs. Young"
  3. "Waiting" (live radio)
  4. "Say Goodbye Forever" (demo)
  5. "Stupid Girl" (demo)
  6. "Waiting" (demo)
  7. "I Don't Love This, Babe" (demo)
  8. "Crumblin'" (demo)
  9. "Friends of P." (demo)
  10. "Mrs Young" (alternate version)
  11. "California" (from The Poop Alley Tapes)
  12. "These Days"
  13. "The Love I'm Searching For"
  14. "Silent Night" (from How The _____ Stole Christmas)
  15. "She Looks At Me" (demo - that dog. cover)
  16. "The TV Is On" (demo)
  17. "Frisbee Days" (demo)
  18. "Please Let That Be You"
  19. "The Love I'm Searching For" (live acoustic)
  20. "Friends of P." (live acoustic)
  21. "Friends of P."
  22. "Radio Promo"
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