Hot Tub

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"Hot Tub"
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Released Unreleased
Length 3:05
Label none
Writer Rivers Cuomo
RC# 166
COR# 60
Producer Rivers Cuomo
Status Circulating
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
Buddy Holly
(RC# 165)
"Hot Tub"
(RC# 166)
"Port O' Jonas"
(RC# 167)

Hot Tub is a 1993 Rivers Cuomo demo which later surfaced as a Homie live recording.



While the 1997 live Homie recording was part of a widely-circulated bootleg, the original 1993 demo was not made public until 2002, when Cuomo released it to fans on the RCB. Cuomo originally wrote the song for Tom Jones. According to Karl Koch:

I think the bands then-manager somehow had a contact who knew Tom and tom was looking for songs for his new album at the time. Obviously he did not end up using “Hot Tub”. It's also possible Rivers wrote it first and then found out about the Tom thing. We may never know unless someone asks Rivers someday.

During the song's live Homie performance, Cuomo called the song "as goofy as it gets."

The 1997 Homie version and Cuomo's original 1993 demo differ slightly structurally. The most notable difference between the two are the bridge sections, which are entirely different from one another. The 1997 Homie version also features an extended outro and guitar solo not found on Cuomo's original demo.


You may not be the one for me,
But baby, you're a lot of fun
Let me come to your house my dear,
Drink champagne and smoke a bowl

I wanna get in your hot tub baby
I wanna get in you now
So get in your car and pick me up
Or I'm gonna put you down
Or I'm gonna put you down

Please honey girl won't you be cool
To the voodoo doll that is me.
Take the pins out of his butt,
Maybe even give him a treat.

Sometimes I'm so disappointed
I can't be more of a man
Sometimes my life feels so empty
Not letting love play her hand
Sometimes I'm so disillusioned
All my relationships fake
I think that this is a problem
To be solved another other day
To be solved another other day

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