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Featured article: Bokkus

Bokkus is a character created by Pat Wilson and drawn on the bass drumhead of the drum set that appeared in the garage photo on the inside of the Blue Album.In 1992-1993 the band had a Marvel Comics try-out book, where you finish the comic book. Instead of doing it correctly, they went off the rails and abandoned the Spider-Man plot all-together in favor of their own story called Space Violators. The very first appearance of Bokkus depicts him as a crazed alien who comes to Middle America to create havoc and "chase the farmer's daughter."

Pat originally drew the "Bokkus" character on the backside of a drum head while recording the Blue Album at Electric Lady Studios, where it hung on the studio wall as decoration. Later, when he decided to use the head, he traced Bokkus onto the outside of the head, only to discover that the hole cut to accommodate microphones is right where Bokkus' pipe was, so the pipe is squashed below the hole. This led to people thinking Bokkus is blowing a big bubble out of his pipe.

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Featured song: "El Scorcho"

"El Scorcho" is the seventh track on Pinkerton. It's one of the first narrative songs Rivers wrote at Harvard. In a 2006 interview with the Harvard college newspaper, The Crimson, that the lines mentioning "Cio-Cio San" and "watching Grunge leg-drop New Jack" were actually taken from an essay from a classmate of his at Harvard in an Expository Writing class. The printed lyrics to the song identify these two lines as quoted with the enclosure of quotation marks. " example is, in 'Pinkerton,' in 'El Scorcho,' two lines in the song are actually taken from someone else’s essay in my Expos class. Because at one point, we had to do a little workshop thing, and we each got assigned to review someone else’s essay. So, I reviewed this one person’s essay, and I liked some of the lines in it, so I took them and used them in the song." The actual meaning of "watching Grunge leg-drop New Jack" is a reference to ECW's star Johnny Grunge leg dropping New Jack, through a table, possibly referencing a photograph of Grunge fighting wrestler New Jack that was published in Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

The song is jokingly referenced as a song by Weezer's fictional alter-ego The Astronauts in the storyline of the teasers promoting Everything Will Be Alright in the End, where one of the label executives remarks that he is a fan of their deeper cuts like El Scorpio.

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Featured video: "Back to the Shack" official music video, 2014

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