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Weezerpedia is a free, web-based, collaborative, encyclopedia project based around the band Weezer. Weezerpedia's articles have been (and continue to be) written collaboratively by volunteering Weezer fans around the world, and almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the site. The site includes in-depth articles on band members, albums, songs and lyrics, as well as content on other related projects such as The Rentals, Homie, The Special Goodness, The Relationship, and Space Twins. Weezerpedia also provides a collection of images, interview transcripts, album and song reviews, and exclusive archived media.

The site currently has 4,358 articles and 43,963 registered users.

Weezerpedia launched on September 27, 2008 at 6:49 PM EST, three days later than originally scheduled.


This section contains information that is constantly changing. It was last updated November 17, 2009 11:45PM PST
Weezerpedia statistics: Special:Statistics

The site currently has 4,358 articles and 43,963 registered users. There are 4,882 total pages in the database. This includes "talk" pages, pages about Weezerpedia, minimal "stub" pages, redirects, and others that probably do not qualify as content pages. Excluding those, there are 4,358 pages that are probably legitimate content pages. 8,978 files have been uploaded. There have been over 1.5 million page views, and over 20 thousand page edits since Weezerpedia was setup.

Other information

Weezerpedia is linked to on Weezer.com under the social links navigation bar although it is not an "official" Weezer website. Karl Koch promoted Weezerpedia on Karl's Corner, October 16, 2008:

[...] And meanwhile: recently, what must be the greatest Weezer fan site since the original RWA has launched - Weezerpedia! Weezerpedia is a fan run, fan edited conglomeration of Weezer info culled from all over the web. You might have seen some of this info before, on weezer.com and elsewhere, but never all in one wiki-style editable searchable database like it is on Weezerpedia!

We're linking it up from .com because its so interesting and chock full of stuff for fans to check out. So look for this handy banner link on the weezer.com link list soon:
And in honor of the Weezerpedia launch, yours truly recently did a 2 part interview with the sites organizers. So while on Weezerpedia, look for the new 'Karl interview' parts 1 (video) and 2 (audio).

Note that Weezerpedia is a fansite for you and by you, so if you see questionable intel and suspect data, do what you would do on Wikipedia and sign up and improve it! (Disclaimer: Weezerpedia, while very cool, is not an official Weezer website and the info and any speculation or opinions expressed there do not necessarily reflect that of Weezer or DGC Records).

For the gallery of official and user-created Weezerpedia logos, see Weezerpedia:Logo gallery


All registered users

List of all registered users: Special:ListUsers

Weezerpedia currently has 43,963 registered users.

List of administrators

List of admins: Special:ListUsers/sysop

Weezerpedia currently has 4 administrators (users with bureaucrat privileges) and 5 moderators (users with sysop privileges).


These are some various opinions of Weezerpedia from people involved with Weezer or Weezer-related sites.

Rivers Cuomo, Weezer lead singer

Posted on Cuomo's personal profile on weezer.com.

Karl Koch of Weezer.com

Martin - that is really amazing, i love it. I will definitely help you launch it with some hype on .com and ill push for some sorta perma link on the homepage. the wiki style of searching and cross referencing the topics is great and ive always wished there was a way to do that.
Karl Koch, August 17, 2008

Sarah C. Kim of the Weezer camp

Your site is FANTASTIC! I haven't gone through it in much detail yet, but I love the concept. It's really great, I'm already astounded by the amount of details that you've managed to collect.
Sarah C Kim, August 24, 2008

Greg of Weerez

i'd like to weigh in on "weezerpedia":

i haven't joined this site, nor do i ever plan to, and i have my reasons:

1.) it's a gimmick. at first, a handful of people will think weezerpedia is rad and may make a few contributions, but it won't last. what will end up happening is that the majority of content updates will be provided by the creators of the site, which totally defeats the purpose of a wiki. now is the most inopportune time to open a wiki, since the online fanbase is diminished and tired.

in addition, much of their website serves no practical purpose. for example, their forum is unnecessary. what is there to discuss, the latest edits made to the site? there already is a site that has established itself as the "new" online community, and that site is albumsix.com (why try to fight it?). second, the chat is a joke. again, what's the point? no one uses this. third, entertaining the idea of a media archive is silly. weerez has and will be the leading site for media, despite anyone's qualms about how "confusing" or "poorly organized" it is. the organization is fairly logical, and there's a search section if you disagree.

2.) i'm in agreement with lord in that people will have to update two wikis. no matter how popular weezerpedia gets, the general public is always going to go to the official one first (it's hardwired into their brain). and unfortunately for weezerpedia, a lot of the wikipedia updates come from diehard music fans, and not necessarily diehard weezer fans. the weezerpedia guys will always have to monitor the real wikipedia to monitor changes for their own site.

on a related note, the article on brian bell's "sass" is one of the main things that convinced me to steer away from the site. although "the timeline of sass" may mildly humorous, i prefer my wikis to be objective.

in closing, i wish weezerpedia all the best, but i think they are in for quite the uphill battle. i think their site stands a chance at being successful for many years to come if they focus their attention more on the wikis and less time on re-inventing the wheel.

Greg, October 20, 2008
I was incorrect

-Greg, August 10, 2011

Lord of the Manor (Albumsix admin)

We are all friends on this board, so to see a few of our most beloved posters try to compete with Weerez or Albumsix deserves a few question marks from the creators of those respective sites. Amiright? Let's say 2 years from now, some Weezerpedia contributors break off and announce they want to form a better Weezer wiki. Wouldn't you raise your eyebrows?

So, if you guys want to be the information center, that is great. Ultimately, I see Weezerpedia as eventually being the perfect place for a new Weezer fan to go. A new fan could go for days reading up on everything, learning every facet of the band in a deeper manner than Wikipedia could.

I think its when you step on the toes of your peers that you are headed in the wrong direction. But if that 2nd quote is true, than that is not your intention.

Lord of the Manor, October 20, 2008

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