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Featured article: Summer Songs of 2000

Summer Songs of 2000 (also known as SS2K) are a group of songs that were demoed in 2000 and performed live by Weezer on their comeback summer tour that year.

After a flurry of solo demos in late 1999 and early 2000, Cuomo reconvened Weezer in order to lay down some recordings and prepare for an upcoming tour. The band, (then consisting of Cuomo, Mikey Welsh, Pat Wilson, and Brian Bell), were made an offer to join that year's Vans Warped Tour, a popular annual punk and alt rock festival. This exposure led to a series of dates on their own as well. Weezer's setlists during the tour typically consisted of classics from The Blue Album, Pinkerton, a couple of B-sides, and a rotation of as many as four of fourteen new songs. Many fans assumed that these songs would be recorded for a third Weezer album, and shortly thereafter, when referencing the songs, labeled them the "Summer Songs of 2000" (commonly abbreviated as SS2K).

The album features a humorous introduction created by Pat and Karl Koch, compiled from clips of the Brady Bunch.

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