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Featured song: "In the Garage"

"In the Garage" is the eighth track from The Blue Album. Along with "Holiday", "In the Garage" was written out of a sudden burst of excitement and creativity shortly after Weezer was signed to Geffen Records. Accordingly, one could consider "In the Garage" to be the antithesis of "Holiday". It is the sadder look at the excitement of being signed to a record label. One could arguably consider it to be the song that pinned the band as "geeks" with lyrics that reference such things as the Dungeon Master's Guide from Dungeon & Dragons and the comic book superhero Nightcrawler.

The inspiration for "In the Garage" predominately came from the garage of the Amherst House, which was the location for all of Weezer's early rehearsals. Additionally, it was where Rivers found himself writing the majority of his songs. The song is arguably the most personal and revealing of all the songs to appear on The Blue Album. Each verse reveals a new description to both Rivers and the garage.

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