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Article marked: November 2020

Weezer's 16th album is an unreleased, yet-undeveloped project that is set to follow Van Weezer, which to date has yet to see release itself. "Album 16" is a very distant project and very little is known about it.


Rivers Cuomo first mentioned the band's sixteenth album was in the concept phase on October 31, 2020. He also alluded to Jake Sinclair's involvement.

On that date, Cuomo wrote the following on his wall on [1]:

Turned in the first draft of the NEXT NEXT NEXT album to Jake.

It is currently part of a year-wide project titled "Seasons" that will come out on the first day of each season in 2022.[2] The first one, which will be this album, is for Spring. It's set to be a "very breezy, carefree acoustic-type album", tentatively titled Happy Chill. It will be more in the style of "Island in the Sun".[3]

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