Ballad of the Briny

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"Ballad of the Briny"
Ballad of the Briny cover
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Recorded 2011
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Producer Shawn Everett
Status Partial clip

"Ballad of the Briny" is a song demoed by Rivers Cuomo. A short clip was uploaded to Cuomo's YouTube channel in January of 2011. The same year, AllThingsWeezer member Bleed0range confirmed the song's title from Cuomo's assistant Sarah Kim (albeit spelled as "Ballad of the Briney")[1]. The YouTube upload's title, "Sea Opera Days", suggest that Cuomo was, at one point, developing a sea-themed concept album around that time.


The video uploaded by Cuomo briefly flashes text that can be made out:

He fell in love with her on the night before the Resolution (the ship)... her squalid life in a brothel to take her with him to Amer[ica.]
.. her but finds that Captain Buttress is having sex with her... Captain Buttress with his pants down yells at Mortimer, "get back here"...
[Morti]mer stays up for the remainder of the night on the deck of the ship and... at sunrise jumps overboard... [as he loses] conciousness...
he feels super happy and blissful as he hallucinates... then all goes black.

The song seems to be sung from the point-of-view of the character Mortimer Collins. The video also contains the name of the female character, Candace, as well as the antagonist, Captain Duke Buttress.


You wanted me to be a practical man
And now I see how things ???

And I'm at home here
In the briny



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