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The following is a list of Weezer songs that are about or mention Rivers' bills. Given the content of the lyrics to these songs, one can infer that Rivers' bills are sometimes a source of The Pain.




  • "Can't Keep My Hands Off You" - Rivers grouses, "My bills pile so high it is shocking."
  • "Conquistadors of Nothing" - In a dramatic twist, Pat speaks of an unknown person who is "Very good at what should never be attempted at all," but admits that whatever is being attempted "pays the bills," on this Special Goodness track.


  • "Dreamin'" - Daddy tells Rivers he's got to pay some bills (so he can learn to be responsible).


  • "I Love the USA" - Rivers bites his fingernails because he's "Still got bills to pay."
  • "I'm a Robot" - Rives laments, "I have to earn money to pay my bills."



  • "Mr. Taxman" - Rivers encourages the listener to, "Take your chances, find romances," but then gives the listener a cold dose of reality by reminding them, "But you've still got your bills to pay."


  • "Represent" - Rivers again boasts, "I've got skills to pay the bills."