Black Session & Rare Trax

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Black Session & Rare Trax
Black Session & Rare Trax cover
Unofficial bootleg by The Rentals
Released Unknown
Recorded Various

Black Session & Rare Trax is an extremely odd unofficial The Rentals vinyl record release comprised of a live performance, a b-side, and a Weezer song. Track A1 is California, a Rentals song demo. Tracks A2-A6 and B1-B5 are taken from The Rentals' Black Sessions live performance. Track B6 is the remixed version of Weezer's Say It Ain't So. Apart from the tracklist, there really isn't any information about this release. It has no label, features an extremely out of place picture of Matt Sharp, and its origin is entirely unknown. The bootleg features minor typos, as well as odd capitalization.

Bootleg Tracklist

Side A

  1. "California"
  2. "The love I'm searching for"
  3. "Waiting"
  4. "Brilliant boy"
  5. "Naive"
  6. "Move on"

Side B

  1. "Please let that be you"
  2. "So soon"
  3. "These days"
  4. "Tracy jacks" (Blur cover)
  5. "Friend of P." ("Friends of P.")
  6. "Say it ain't so -promo remix version- WEEZER"


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