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This category organizes all of the lists that have been featured on the Main Page of Weezerpedia as Featured Lists. There are similar pages for Weezerpedia's Featured Articles, Featured Songs Featured Images, and Featured Videos.

Current Featured List

Featured list: List of Weezer song appearances in rhythm video games

This page attempts to list all appearances of songs by Weezer in rhythm-based video games.

Song Release Date Game
"My Name Is Jonas" 2007 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
"Buddy Holly" November 14, 2008 Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades
"Everybody Get Dangerous" June 9, 2009 Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits
"Beverly Hills" October 27, 2009 DJ Hero
"Troublemaker" November 3, 2009 Band Hero
"Dope Nose" December 22, 2009 Guitar Hero: Van Halen

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Previous Featured Lists

(A list of lists!)

List title Note Date featured
List of Weezer song appearances in rhythm video games
Buddy Holly Rock Band.jpg
This page attempts to list all appearances of songs by Weezer in rhythm-based video games. October 18, 2020
List of unofficial bootlegs
This list of unofficial bootlegs aims to keep track of all known, non-commercial Weezer concert bootlegs. In instances where file format is not known, "Audio" or "Video" is simply used instead. October 6, 2020
The Catalog O' Riffs
COR screenshot.jpg
The Catalog O' Riffs, sometimes abbreviated as COR, documents riffs and songs that Rivers Cuomo has written since it's inception on January 1, 1999. September 23, 2020
List of Weezer podcasts
Podcast wwthtaw.jpg
This page attempts to list all Weezer-themed podcasts. September 1, 2020
List of spoken word segments for Undone - The Sweater Song
The spoken word segment on the Blue Album song "Undone - The Sweater Song" is one of the most celebrated, characteristic sections of any Weezer song. The band has filled this section in live with a great variety of material, and this list intends to catalogue notable examples. August 24, 2020
List of book-end tracks
Where Is My Mind cover.jpg
This list collects all recordings that were either the first or last to feature a primary Weezer band member. Where Is My Mind?: A Tribute to the Pixies, pictured at left, included Weezer's cover of "Velouria," the first Weezer recording to feature Mikey Welsh. August 1, 2020
List of people mentioned in Weezer lyrics
Buddy Holly cropped.JPG
This list attempts to document every reference made to a person - living, dead, fictional, or real - in a Weezer lyric. Buddy Holly, pictured at left, was the namesake for Weezer's first big hit. July 10, 2020
List of common abbreviations used on Weezer forums
Atw screenshot.JPG
This list is an attempt to document every abbreviation used by board members on online Weezer forums. June 27, 2020
List of cover songs
Death to false metal.png
This list is an attempt to document every cover song recorded or performed live by Weezer or solo covers by past or present members of Weezer (including Rivers Cuomo). The below includes only selections from the full list.

Death to False Metal, pictured at left, features a cover of "Unbreak my Heart" by Toni Braxton.
June 17, 2020