Consequence of Sound article - February 11, 2021

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Weezer is Planning a New “Weezer-Inspired Weezer Album”

One of four new albums Weezer is planning to record

By Wren Graves

Weezer are one of the most prolific big rock bands of recent memory, with something like 14 albums to their name. But if you ask die-hard fans which of those many projects is their favorite, you’ll hear the same three answers over and over: 1994’s Blue Album, 1996’s Pinkerton, and 2001’s Green Album. Since then, Weezer has tried on so many hats that it’s hard to remember where they started. But that may be about to change. On the latest episode of Kyle Meredith With… (stream below), Weezer guitarist and keyboardist Brian Bell revealed that the band is planning a “Weezer-inspired Weezer album.”

There are currently four “inspired” albums on the band’s docket. As frontman Rivers Cuomo said recently, they would correspond to the four seasons and be pegged to the sounds of four different artists. The two he volunteered were Elliot Smith, which is assumed to be winter, and Franz Ferdinand for the fall. Meredith asked Bell about the other two.

“Well, Weezer is one of them,” Bell said with a laugh. “And I ain’t joking.” He continued, “A Weezer-inspired Weezer album. We sometimes refer to ‘Island in the Sun’ as a sound, as a thing. And one of my favorite quotes from [drummer] Pat [Wilson] was like — when Rivers got all into co-writing and stuff, I don’t know when that was, Raditude period or whatever — Pat goes, “I want him to co-write with the guy that wrote ‘Say It Ain’t So'”.

Bell then clarified that Weezer’s sonic experimentations are about personal engagement. “It’s not trying to stay relevant so much, it’s just staying interested,” he said. But the band has considered going back to what many would consider the ‘classic’ Weezer sound. “‘Island in the Sun’, if we could figure out what that was — sometimes those things just happen… We know what vibe, musically, that evoked, and also lyrically. It was a little bit of a departure. It wasn’t so personal, it was more a universal feeling. We do think about those things.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Bell spoke about Cuomo’s penchant for announcing a new project while they’re in the middle of another one, his desire for a filmed streaming performance of the band’s latest album OK Human, and their plans for a 20th anniversary performance of the Green Album later this year. Stream the full episode of Kyle Meredith With… below. Besides that, keep your eyes and ears peeled for that long-delayed metal LP Van Weezer, which as its title indicates, is inspire by Van Halen.

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