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Possibilities cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Maladroit
Released May 14, 2002
Recorded December 2001-January 2002 at Cello Studios, Los Angeles
Length 2:00
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 637
COR# 314
Producer Weezer
Status Released
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Jeepers Creepers"
(RC# 636)
"Possibilities - dbl Verse Intro"
(RC# 637)
"Gone to Stay"
(RC# 638)
Maladroit track listing
"Fall Together"
"Love Explosion"

"Possibilities" (originally known as "Gone to Stay") is the eleventh track on Maladroit.



"Possibilities" was written in August of 2001, according to the Catalog O' Riffs. It is first known to have been demoed as a band (under the title "Gone to Stay") during recording sessions at Sage and Sound Studios in Hollywood on August 29, 2001 [1]. The song was retitled "Possibilities" during the Maladroit sessions at Cello Studios. In addition to the Sage and Sound Studios demo, four in-progress recordings from the Maladroit sessions were uploaded to the band's official website.

"Possibilities" currently holds the distinction of being the earliest Weezer album track that has, to date, never been performed live.



Album version



Oh, oh
Take you home with me
In your arms

I never thought I'd do that
Take me all the way
And let your body say

Oh, oh
Take me by the hand
Let me be the man
In your arms

Oh, you're gone
Oh, you're gone
You're gone
You're gone to stay

Oh, oh
Oh, oh
I need you
I bleed you now

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