Historic event: 02/01/1993

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weezer show #40: Club Lingerie, Hollywood

Club Lingerie was located on Sunset Blvd, a good deal east of the Sunset Strip, more in the center of Hollywood. It was in the rock business for many years before being taken over and is now some sort of gentlemen's club or something. This was one of several Lingerie shows in the '92-'94.

This show was free, and the band promoted it at the nearby Palace earlier that night, in an attempt to gather showgoers by tempting them with more rock, nearby, for free. Somehow this seemed to work, as by all accounts the crowd was quite full. The jjournal entry notes that the crowd included "many [label] executives" [read: junior A&R guys] as well as the members of Black Market Flowers, and Joe Sib of Wax.

Other bands on the bill included Wink.

setlist: unknown, except that its is known that the new tune "Wayne" was NOT played, citing "Rivers's voice" [?].

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