Historic event: 03/09/1993

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weezer show #45: Rhino Records in store, Santa Monica, CA

This was a full electric in-store performance inside the Rhino Records location [since closed] on Santa Monica Blvd. in Santa Monica. For this show, Rhino encouraged the band to bring in a window banner to advertise. Karl was tasked with creating a banner on the only bedsheet that could be located, which happened to be plaid. This was hung in the window of the store for several days before the show. The sound was great, the crowd was small, the pizza was free, and the homeless guys enjoyed the rock, and the pizza!

setlist: unknown.

...1. Rhino event calendar, noting weezer is "being dubbed 'the next big thing' " - note the preceeding show of Carnival Art, which Brian was still in at the time. 2. Karl 11x17 mini poster, 3. the bedsheet, today. 4. Rhino Records exterior, bedsheet visible. 5. better view of the
sheet in action 6. sidewalk board advertising the show...
[click on any photo for a larger size pop-up version]

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