Historic event: 03/29/1993

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weezer show #49: Molly Malones, West Hollywood

Molly Malone's was (and remains) a traditional Irish pub bar on Fairfax Avenue in L.A., and its tiny stage has featured a ton of singer songwriters and bands over the years. This show was the bands 8th early acoustic show. Pat recalls playing the set with only a hi-hat cymbal set-up.

Weezer was opening for a singer songwriter who was being called the next big thing, and he was in fact very talented. The show was attended by Ivo, the head of 4AD Records, and weezer's acoustic set was considered a sort of label showcase. Also attended by band buddy John Drenning.

Unfortunately, Ivo wasn't into the weez, and focused on the much hyped next act. Weezer took to acting silly at the bar, inviting the glares of patrons who were focusing on the singer songwriter guy's performance. Patrick Wilson recalls "you know 'that guy' who's acting like a jerk and getting on everyone's nerves. I realized, for the first time in my life, that "that guy" was us, weezer at the bar, at that moment. We didnt like being discounted by Ivo and so we got rowdy. It was the first time I was self-aware that I was havng that effect."

setlist: unknown.

Other acts on the bill unknown. Setlist unknown, but journal entry says: "[they played] ALL the songs. Cool "Only In Dreams" fade into "The World Has Turned" segue."

no photos, flyers known.

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