Historic event: 04/01/1994

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brave new world

san francisco, ca - 3/1/94

the place was the brave new world, a funky tiny club in the haight-ashbury district (the haven for hippies in the '60s). weezer was to play a show the night before but their van (an old 15 passenger dodge prospector model) broke down in the tehachapis north of los angeles and the repair cost them both money and such a delay that they had to cancel the show that night. but, they agreed to play the next night (april 1st instead). the front of the brave new world was almost completely dominated by older african american men playing cards. they were obviously the "regulars". the back room was set up for bands with a tiny dance floor in front of the stage. the first band to play that night was the abraham lincoln story, a swing-ska band with lots of instruments and lots of members (thank goodness). maybe a "crowd" of 12-15 people total were there. this was several weeks before ol' blue was released and weezer was really only known to their smallish cult following in la. the show absolutely rocked! i knew right then that they would make it big if only their album got the exposure it deserved when it was released. the response from the club owner was to keep the volume level down as it was disturbing the customers in the front bar area. i'm not sure that weezer even got paid that night but it was a beginning...

-unknown reviewer

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