Historic event: 04/16/1993

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weezer show #51: Coconut Teaszer, Hollywood, CA

The Coconut Teaszer was one of the 'big 3' Sunset Strip clubs [the other 2 being the Roxy and the Whiskey] that were the big holdouts of the glam-metal scene of the '80s. It was difficult for a "alternative" band like weezer to break into this scene, and the leather-clad regulars tended to clear out when anyone not dressed in full rock garb hit the stage. And weezer dressed in anything but full rock garb! Teaszer bills were always a bizarre mix of glam bands, bar rock bands, morbid looking gothic type bands, and the occasional pop type band like weezer.

Back to the Teaszer for the 8th and final time! A bit of an 'industry showcase' night, several A+R types in attendance, most notably Nigel Harrison, originally (and later once more) a member of Blondie, who was working for Interscope Records at the time. We hung out with Nigel for a bit, he was nice.

Journal comments: "Wall of low end. Great playing but Coconut Teaszer's sound blows." Other bands on the bill were Wink, Joyride (with Steve Soto, once in the Adolescents), Bigelf, and Boys Named Sue.

setlist: unknown.

..karl designed mini-poster for the show; a flyer for the next day's Carnival Art show, featuring Brian Bell, who would join Weezer by the fall...
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