Historic event: 05/24/1993

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weezer show #56: Jabberjaw, Hollywood, CA

...This was to be weezer's only appearance at the art-rock haunt Jabberjaw [immortalized in an early that dog. lyric]. Jabberjaw was a funky art gallery sorta place on Pico Blvd. in L.A., and they did have periodic troubles with the authorities regarding the legality of having loud music shows there. In its day, Jabberjaw was a huge indie scene hangout, hosting many key early shows by Beck, the Geraldine Fibbers and mucho more.

This show was headlined by Canadian indie rockers Sloan, who had recently signed an american record deal with DGC records, and whose A&R guy was the same Todd Sullivan who was courting Weezer. Todd helped weezer get on the bill and the show was jokingly referred to as "Geffen Night Out". Before the show, Todd asked Sloan to show weezer their tour bus, which would mark the first time anyone in weezer had set foot on one. (It wouldnt be the last). Later there was some sort of weird tension between the 2 bands, but so much time has gone by that no one can remember what was going on that night, outside of several Sloan members being really ill but playing the show anyway.

setlist: unknown. No flyers or pictures known.

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