Historic event: 05/27/1993

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weezer show #57: Al's Bar, Downtown L.A.

Al's bar is a legendary punk bar/club located in a weird part of downtown L.A., where a lot of cool bands cut their teeth. Its intimidating "no b.s." atmosphere was a good inspiration for weezer to step things up a notch. This was the last time the band ever played this venue.

Weezer was apparently out to bug people on this night. First they wore their matching striped "Beach Boys" shirts (originally acquired for the Blue album photo shoot, pix of which were discarded in favor of the one with regular shirts seen on the cover) to the most notorious punk rock club in L.A. Then they debuted their patented "China Grove jam" as an intro this night, a weird instrumental jam that incorporated parts of the Doobie Brothers "China Grove" as well as some other smokey 70's classic rock elements. The show ended with what is described as a "sludge jam until the P.A. was cut off".

setlist: unknown.

...these photos date from around the time of this show. L: Matt and Rivers in the middle one of many all out Amherst House "wars", Adam Orth on the floor (losing the war); R: Matt, Justin Fisher (later of Shufflepuck and Psoma), Adam Orth (later of Shufflepuck and Roosevelt,
appears breifly in the 'Say It Ain't So' video), Rivers. (Justin and Rivers dressed for their chorus concert down at SMCC)...
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