Historic event: 05/30/1993

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weezer show #58: The Gaslight, Hollywood, CA

The Gaslight was a club held at a bar (unknown name, everybody called the place The Gaslight) on Cosmo Street in L.A. This quickly became the hipster hangout and it was not unusual to see hip young tv, movie and music stars mingling, shooting pool, and checking out the bands.

This show was marked by a repeat of the "china grove jam", this time used at the end of the set in a total meltdown in which a brand new (and apparently defective) "Dragon's Roar" china crash cymbal cracked nearly in half when subjected to pat's savage beating. The cymbal was then stomped on until cleanly split in half. Lesson: no china grove jam + new china cymbal!

setlist: unknown, aside from "china grove jam".

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