Historic event: 07/03/1993

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first weezer merchandise

sometime earlier in the summer, the very first weezer shirts were made, a simple design copied from the mini-posters that karl had been making, printed in white ink on kelly green shirts. Matt set up the t-shirt order for 40 shirts at a small garage based company in the valley that was run by a friend of Mykel and Carli's. Most of the shirts were given away, but a few fere sold at shows.

on 7/3, the band's first order of baseball caps arrived. These were done by New Era Cap and were white embroidery on kelly green wool one size fits all caps. The "=w=" was on the front, and "weezer" on the rear. This first order was only 12 caps, all of which were soon given away. A second order for 24 caps, this time on burgundy fabric would be placed soon thereafter.

...also on this day, Jason Cropper had a yard sale. Karl, who with Patrick Wilson and Takashi Hasegawa would be moving out of the Fuller apt soon, brought his microwave oven to be sold, and it did, for $20.

...weezers very first shirt + hat (from back)...note original logo style, actual color shown in corner...
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