Historic event: 07/15/1993

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rehearsals for The Blue Album begin

...The Blue Album started as several weeks of rehearsals at Cole Rehearsals in Hollywood, CA. The band moved in what gear they had, and utilizing their new equipment budget from Geffen Records, went on a sporadic, mostly carefully planned buying spree that would last into the fall. Every day there would be forays for gear around L.A., followed by extensive vocal rehearsals and singing lessons, including extensive barbershop quartet action. (the 4th quartet part was alternately taken by either Pat or Karl, depending on when Pat arrived for rehearsals.) Rivers had had a lot of vocal training in high school and community college, training that he had basically ignored while weezer was forming, choosing to try and find a rougher voice for a while. By this point however, that idea had been dropped in favor of a much more natural singing tone, and while Rivers honed that, Jason and Matt worked very hard at improving their range, tonality and pitch, as neither had sung before with any formal training.

Around late afternoon each day the vocal work was finished and the band would launch into many hours of amplified rehearsal, striving to tighten their performances and weed out songs that didnt feel right for the album. Even at this stage, they already had it down to about 15 possible tracks.

The other thing that happened around this point was that jobs were being quit left and right, under the assumption that the band would be very busy recording and touring from that point on.

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