Historic event: 11/21/1997

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rivers solo show 4 - cambridge, ma

well, it is november 21st, and time for the forth "solo show". rivers packed a club in cambridge for this one, and he didn't let the crowd down. he started off the set, by telling the crowd that these songs were kinda like the country songs. for those who don't know, on the third "solo show" there was a major country feel to it. and the songs rivers was planning on playing on this night, were to be just like those ones. the crowd was going nuts the entire night. everyone who has the copy of this shows knows what we mean. the over enthusiastic "YAY"'s coming from the crowd in between songs was enough to make you crazy. and of course the "fred rules" were great too.

autumn & jane
hey m' darlin
sheila can do (it)
sesame street
the good life
stay here
sunshine o...
fun time
american girls
no one else
hot tub

this show also featured a newer version of "sheila can do (it)". instead of busting straight into the chorus, there is a verse added in. these songs have been listed as having a country feel, but if you ask me, they have rockabilly, and maybe even a touch of ska in them. these are definately not weezer-esque style songs played here. they all seem to be very upbeat, and popish. they have the still great lyrical content as found in most weezer songs, except for a couple goofy songs. like hey m' darlin for instance. the chorus is talking about rolo's and candy treats. not the usual girl broke my heart song associated with rivers style of writing.

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