Historic event: 12/01/1994

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chicago il

12/1/94 - twisted christmas

this day, weezer played the annual q101 twisted christmas concert along with other notable acts such as hole, veruca salt, dinosaur jr, bad religion, killing joke, and the ever popular korn.

a few days after the show, q101 (chicago's "alternative rock" station) broadcast a "backstage at twisted 3" show, which included interviews with the bands as well as a live song of theirs. especially interesting was korn complaining to the dj's who were interviewing them for making them miss weezer's set, which they wanted to see.

the band talked about the "technocracy" they observed during their stay in japan, the "sue-happiness" of people in north america, and, when asked if they had seen "star trek - first contact," pat said "hey, we're not geeks anymore...that was the last album."

broadcast was a rocking version of "buddy holly," from their set that day.

-review by AB

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