Hush: Los Angeles Acoustic

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This article is about the 1995 compilation album featuring Chopper One. For other possible uses, see Hush (disambiguation).
Hush: Los Angeles Acoustic
Hush: Los Angeles Acoustic cover
Compilation album by various artists
Released 1995
Format CD
Recorded August/September 1995 at Chateau Relaxeau
Length 38:39
Label Meltdown Records
Producer(s) various

Hush: Los Angeles Acoustic is a 1995 compilation album released by Meltdown Records. The Chopper One song "Superhero" is featured.


The Hush features acoustic renditions of original songs by musicians from Los Angeles. One of these is an exclusive track by Chopper One (a band fronted by former Weezer guitarist Jason Cropper) entitled "Superhero".

Track Listing

No. TitleProducer Length
1. Untitled (Edna Swap)Dave Bassett 2:51
2. "Superhero" (Chopper One)Dave Bassett 3:31
3. "Lights Out" (Lava Diva)Dave Bassett 3:47
4. "Lawrence Lean" (Miles Are Gone)Lawrence Lean 4:41
5. "Pomegranite" (The Better Part)Dave Bassett 2:57
6. "Powerless" (Devics)Dave Bassett 4:54
7. "Ristrocket" (Times May Change)Dave Bassett 4:02
8. "Eleni Maiden" (Wishbone)Joey Altruda 4:15
9. "Indians" (What Love Is)Dave Bassett 4:11
10. "Honeyslide" (Riot)Gary R. Williams 3:25
Total length:


  • Dave Bassett — recording engineer and mixing on all tracks except 4, 8, and 10
  • Lawrence Lean — producer on Track 4
  • James Abbott — engineer on Track 4
  • Joey Altruda — producer on Track 8
  • Gary R. Williams — producer on Track 10
  • Steve Riskin — executive producer
  • Karen Dumont — executive producer
  • Kevin Reeves — mastering
  • Kam Sangha — cover photo
  • Marine Derrick — art design

Liner notes

From the disc tray: "Enclosed is a compact disk documenting 10 emerging Los Angles based bands each performing an acoustical arrangement of one of their original songs. We hope you like this as much as we do."

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