I'm with You Sister

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"I'm with You Sister"
I'm with You Sister cover
Single by The Special Goodness
Released 1999
Label Loosegroove Records
Writer(s) Patrick Wilson
Status released

"I'm with You Sister" (formerly "I Believe in You") is a song by The Special Goodness. It appeared on a promotional single released by Loosegrove Records, tentatively to promote a US release of the band's eponymous debut.


The song was originally demoed by Patrick Wilson under the Huge Guy moniker in late 1995, under both titles.[1] It, allegedly, later evolved into the song "A Hundred Times as Good", which appeared on the band's debut album The Special Goodness in 1998. "I'm with You Sister" is the first track on a promotional single created by the record label Loosegroove Records in promotion for a potential US release of the same album. The label ultimately did not release the album, meaning very few copies of this single were created.[2]

Track listing

Promotional single
No. Title Length
1. "I'm with You Sister"    
2. "Pay No Mind"    
3. "Pardon Me"    

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