I've Been Had

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"I've Been Had"
I've Been Had cover
Demo by The Rentals
Album For the Ladies
Released 2005
Recorded Spring 1995, Poop Alley Studios
Length 3:26
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Producer(s) The Rentals
Status Officially released
For the Ladies track listing
"Beautiful Girl"
"I've Been Had"
"It Must Be Wrong"

"I've Been Had" is a song written and demoed by the Rentals.


"I've Been Had" was demoed for the planned album For the Ladies in spring of 1995. Though the album was never fully realized, the songs recorded from its sessions were released to fans online in 2005. The heavier-rock version of the song was also attempted during the sessions for the band's second album, Seven More Minutes, but was scrapped before vocals were recorded. This instrumental version appeared on the Little Russell Street compilation.


For the Ladies version


I've been had
Had by my famous friend who always laughs
She says that she feels so trapped
When I'm around her

Lay in her bed
Listen to the stereo and feel so sad
Think of all the reasons that this has to end,
Why things never last

I've been sad
I've been had

She says I'm too sweet
This is the reason she can't be with me
Made myself too available, it seems
Maybe I should be more bad

I've been sad
I've been had

At the most
It's been five days, on-and-off, for us
I guess I just should have known
It'd be just like the past

I've been sad
I've been had