Just Like Movie Stars

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"Just Like Movie Stars"
Just Like Movie Stars cover
Album track by Matt Sharp
Album Matt Sharp (album)
Released 2004
Recorded 4212 Old Hillsboro Road, Leipers Fork, TN
Length 6:07
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Producer(s) Matt Sharp
Status Officially released
Matt Sharp (album) track listing
"Every Time in Blue"
"Just Like Movie Stars"

"Just Like Movie Stars" is the fourth track from the eponymous debut album by Matt Sharp. The song was also released as the album's only single, with "Before You Go" as a b-side.





lyrics for "Just Like Movie Stars"

She's got angels, she's got movie stars
In her dream life she's got bodyguards
Yeah, she got those bodyguards
Just like movie stars (Oh yeah, she does)
Just like movie stars

In the shadows of the street bazaar
The sound of bells ring out from ice cream cars
And my lifeguard, she gives me CPR
As we hide in the dark, just like movie stars (Yeah, we do)
We're just like movie stars

Yellow raincoats crowd the primrose bar
As the dream life ends with my lifeguard
Me and my lifeguard, we hide all our scars
As we fall apart, just like Hedy Lamarr
And the rain falls hard, just like movie stars
Well, doo-do-doo

A dream life of movie stars

Hang on me, hang on me, hang on me
Hang on me, hang on me, hang on me

Hang on me, hang for free, just hang on me
Hang on me, hang on me, hang on me

Just like movie stars

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