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KROQ is a commercial rock music radio station in Los Angeles, California, broadcasting on 106.7 FM. The call sign is pronounced "kay rock." Since Weezer's foundation as a band, they have been a mainstay on KROQ.

Early history

The first station with the call letters KROQ was formed in 1972, broadcasting on 1500 AM, with a format of Top 40 hits. In 1973, KROQ bought the station KPPC 106.7 FM, which had been broadcasting rock since 1968. The FM station became KROQ-FM, and the two stations broadcast identical programing through 1978, when the AM station was sold.

Rick Carroll and rise to prominence

In the early 1980s, the station began to boast being the home of "the Roq of the 80s", a phrase coined by then-programmer Rick Carroll, who is generally credited as the first radio executive to create a "modern rock" format. In fact, it is widely agreed that the early success of the station is largely due to Carroll's visonary programming, which included allotting up to four songs per hour chosen by the DJ, called a 'Joq Choice'. Carroll guided the station from 1978 through 1985, when he left for a consulting job. He then returned in 1988 until his 1989 death from complications due to the AIDS virus - an affliction he was unaware he had.

Recent history

The station would eventually adopt the catch phrase "World Famous KROQ". In 1986, the station was purchased by Infinity Broadcasting, a subsidiary of Viacom. In 2004, KROQ began broadcasting in High Definition Radio for its higher quality.


KROQ has been, virtually from day one, very accomodating to LA-based Weezer. Some feel that the station holds almost as much influence as MTV in breaking new artists, and that Weezer benefitted greatly from their championing of early singles such as "Undone" and "Buddy Holly". The band has appeared on two of the Christmas CDs: Kevin and Bean: The Real Slim Santa and Kevin and Bean: Swallow My Eggnog. The station continues to support new Weezer releases to some degree, and the two parties have collaborated on occasional promotional activities.

Programming and personalities

To date, KROQ's play list consists of alternative, new wave, nu metal, and indie artists. Notable personalities that have either began their careers or were at one time employed by KROQ include the influential Rodney Bingenheimer (aka Rodney on the Roq), Jed The Fish, Dr. Dimento, Freddie Snakeskin, Jim 'The Poorman' Trenton, Richard Blade, Scott Mason, Ralph Garman, Dr. Drew, Doug The Slug (aka Sluggo), Riki Rachtman, Carson Daly, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Corrolla, and still-current morning duo Kevin & Bean.

CD releases

The station has released several original compilations of music, most notably their annual Christmas charity albums presented by Kevin and Bean.