Karl's Corner - 01/31/2011

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2011/01/31 Show announcement: Sonisphere Festival, UK!

This coming July, Weezer will be playing the Sonisphere Festival which takes place between July 8-10 at Knebworth Park. The Sonisphere Festival is known for its hard rock and metal, so weezer will be playing with the likes of Biffy Clyro, Metallica and Slipknot, Airbourne,Architects and Diamond Head! Fortunately, the metal doth flow mightily in weezer's veins. Weezer plays on Saturday July 9th.

Here's the Sonisphere website, with news, info, and ticket links. Also see NME.COM/TICKETS for tickets.

...and folks, theres a lot more 2011 weezer concert announcements coming soon! Stay tuned!

...Rivers recently posted a video in which he revealed some pages of his colossal new book "The Pinkerton Diaries" which will be out later in '11. He mentions March as the release date, though I havent heard an official confirmation of that yet. "The Pinkerton Diaries" consists of Rivers's compiled journal entries, school papers and letters from 1994–1997, and will come packaged with his latest installment of home recordings, "Alone III", which reveals even more of the Songs From The Black H*** demos as well as other cool unheard tracks, many (most?) of which are complimentary to the time period of the book.