Karl's Corner - 02/12/2014

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2014/02/12 Weezer Cruise 2: Atlantic Boogaloo

Today an army of weezer peoples started their assault on Jacksonville, Florida, where The Carnival Fascination cruise liner will depart from tomorrow, for 4 days of rock craziness on the open seas and the beaches of the Bahamas. Bands, crew, staff, and a whole lot of fans have been preparing, practicing, packing, and making ready for this moment for months now, and finally its time to get this show, the second ever Weezer Cruise, on the road - er, the water.

Hopefully no one will be delayed in trying to get to the embarkation spot, as a nasty winter storm is disrupting Atlanta's airport and a big part of the southeast in general right now. Travel safe, folks!

The details of the cruise, from the tons of great bands playing, to special events with each member of weezer as well as the other bands, to the theme night parties (2 of which I'll be DJing at), and all the usual cruise ship amenities and excursions, are all listed in www.theweezercruise.com.

See you on the boat!