Karl's Corner - 03/03/2004

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03/03/04 international informational

- info updated 3/13 -
DVD international details:

1. There will be no sub-titles on the international releases, as decided on by the international labels involved.

2. The US and international NTSC versions will be Zone 0 (all regions). The international PAL version will also be Zone 0. amazon.co.uk listings showing "zone 2" are incorrect.

3. The international release date is April 12th. Some other countries may end up releasing a bit later. If any info on countries having a different release date becomes known, it will be shown here. April 5th is NOT the correct date, as some websites have listed.

4. still waiting on the info of exactly which countries will have the DVD released locally. We know for sure that it will be out locally in Canada, The U.K., Australia, Japan, and much of Europe (Germany, France, Spain, +?), But we dont have definite info regarding other countries in Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Mexico, nor South America. If/when these details become known they will be posted here.

Blue Album Deluxe international details:

1. The international Blue Album Deluxe release date is the same as in the USA, 3/23. (most likely 3/22 to those areas East of the USA where Mondays are the usual release date.)

2. All international editions, including the Japanese edition, will have the same contents as the USA edition (tracklisting shown below on the 1/26/04 news). Though the Japanese HMV website purports to have a different tracklising, this is INCORRECT. The Japanese record company was originally going to offer their edition with both versions of "Suzanne" plus "You Gave Your Love To Me Softly", but this is no longer the case.

3. At this time, there are no plans for a vinyl LP edition.

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