Karl's Corner - 03/24/2005

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03/24/05 take my picture by the pool

...look for the May issue of Alternative Press featuring a Weezer cover story, on the stands soon! cover preview here.

...new Rolling Stone article here.

As revealed in that Rolling Stone article and in a recent press release from Geffen Records, 4 song titles from 'Make Believe' have now been made public: "Beverly Hills", "We Are All On Drugs", "This Is Such A Pity", and "Peace". The albums tracklist has not been finalized yet, as there are still several songs in the mixing phase, and the final tracklist depends on how the mixes turn out. (Because more songs went to mixing than will end up on the album, those that turn out best after getting mixed will make it in.) We hope to have the final track list in 2 weeks or less.

...The streaming 'Beverly Hills' files (below, in 3/23) have been pointed out to sound a bit different from whats getting played on the radio. As I understand it, the radio version (with the female vocals on 'gimmie gimme') is the same as the album version, and there isn't supposed to be another 'final' version. Therefore I conclude that the streams are of an incorrect earlier mix of the song. I am now trying to get them swapped out with the proper files. Sorry for the confusion.

...updated 'Radio Love List': "Beverly Hills" now playing on KROQ-FM L.A., 103.1 Indie LA/OC (with a wee dis in the Punk Rock Minute to boot), 94.7 Portland OR, Live 105 SF, 99X Atlanta, WEQX in VT, WRRV Poughkeepsie, and XM radio channel 47 'ETHEL', 101.7 wfnx Boston, 95.5 wbru Providence ("screamer of the week"), 102.3 KBXR in Columbia, MO (on "What's New for Dinner"), 89X in Detroit, 102.9 the Buzz Nashville TN, (???) Utah, 107.7 The End Seattle (#2 on "People's Choice Countdown"), Sirius Radio (Channel 21 Alt Nation), 102.1 Milwaukee, weqx 102.7 Upstate NY (#1 request 3/23!), 94.9 San Diego, 91.1 (91x) San Diego ("Weezer Wednesday" 3/23).