Karl's Corner - 03/26/2005

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03/26/05 the truth is

the 'Beverly Hills' banner above can be on your site too! Just cut and paste the following code into your webpage's HTML!

<script src="http://data.gffn.com/team/weezer/banner.asp"></script>

(if you still have the old 'Video Capture Device' banner on your site, you dont need to do anything - this banner has 'overwritten' that banner) Best of all, the banner's content will change over time as we get closer to the release of "Make Believe", so you never know what will pop in there...(tech note - yes, the banner is indeed silent in its current form.)

...a reminder that the Alternative Press issue with the Weezer cover story will be on the stands 4/7. (subscribers may get it a bit earlier I imagine?) Large scale version of the cover online here.

...a note on the pre-sale situation re: the upcoming leg of North American shows - It is true that many of the shows that have been going on sale these days had a pre-sale. Normally in the past we would post the info to the weezer fanbase here on weezer.com and send out a mass email to everyone with what they needed to know, because the whole idea is to give the most hardcore fans who check the site out frequently the best chance at scoring tickets.

However, this time something went wrong. The presale info somehow went from Ticketmaster right to local radio station promotions, bypassing weezer.com's involvement. In fact we were under the impression that there were no presales, and only figured the situation out after fans started drawing attention to their local area radio station's promotions. By this time it was too late, the radio stations were running their promotions and it couldnt be altered. While its totally cool to have the radio stations involved, and they did do an excellent job, We are not happy about having been effectively cut out of the process, and it wont happen again. Regardless of exactly how future presales are done, and regardless of what radio stations or other organizations are involved, weezer.com and the Weezer mailing list will have the info you need, available when you need it.

An important side note: the pre-sales do NOT sell every ticket - they NEVER do this. Pre-sales only sell a set allocation of tickets, leaving most of the tickets for the main sale. However, these venues on this upcoming North American tour are admittedly fairly small for weezer (though no one could have known this before the tickets were on sale, after a 2.5 year break off the road), and this means that the Ticketmaster website and phone offices usually get flooded with fans' ticket requests the moment the tickets become available. For yesterday's New York City Roseland sales, this resulted in immediate sellout status, as all the remaining tickets were accounted for right away. As most fans go for the 4 ticket limit in attempts to get them for their groups of friends, it only takes 100 requests to account for 400 tickets, and so on. as most of these venues fall into the 2000-3000 seat range, you can see how they can apparently sell out 'instantly'.

For those who try to get tickets and miss out as these on sales start up again today - more tours are definitely being plotted out, both in North America and elsewhere, and you should have more opportunities to see the band. Good luck getting the tickets you want, and thanks for your patience and understanding!