Karl's Corner - 03/27/2005

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03/27/05 everybody wanna know how close me and Snoop is

...early views of the new Alternative Press (May, Weezer cover story) are reporting back that its an excellent read that reveals much about the recent history of the band, and describes several new songs that were played for the reporter, including 'Pardon Me', 'We Are All On Drugs', 'The Damage In Your Heart', 'This Is Such A Pity' and Freak Me oUt" Also mentioned is a cover song "Unbreak My Heart", which did indeed get recorded but is unlikely to make the album. In fact, as we have not gotten a final tracklist yet (though the mixing process just about finished, with mastering due to start by Monday), its not guaranteed that all of the above songs will be on the album - however, it is very likely that they will. If you are wondering where you can find this extra special issue of Alternative Press, check here for a list of retailers that carry it. The issue can also be advance-ordered direct from AP for 5 bucks - click here to order.

...in between working on prepping the new weezer.com for launch (launching shortly - we were expecting this last week but now its really coming any day now), I've been editing some video goodies that are expected to appear as extras on the "Make Believe" CD. Behind the scenes of Make Believe and all that jazz! More info to come as we get a final tracklist and such.

...Philadelphia area fans concerned about the ticket situation for the Electric Factory show in May: The onsale date for tickets has apparently been moved back from 4/8 to 4/1 (next Friday). I have been trying to confirm that there is NO pre-sale for this date, but so far Im still awaiting word on that.

...updated 'Radio Love List': "Beverly Hills" now playing on KROQ-FM L.A., 103.1 Indie LA/OC (with a wee dis in the Punk Rock Minute to boot), 94.7 Portland OR, Live 105 SF, 99X Atlanta, WEQX in VT/Upstate NY (#1 request 3/23!), WRRV Poughkeepsie, and XM radio channel 47 'ETHEL', 101.7 wfnx Boston, 95.5 wbru Providence ("screamer of the week"), 102.3 KBXR in Columbia, MO (on "What's New for Dinner"), 89X in Detroit, 102.9 the Buzz Nashville TN, 107.7 The End Seattle (#2 on "People's Choice Countdown"), Sirius Radio (Channel 21 Alt Nation), 102.1 Milwaukee, 94.9 San Diego, 91.1 (91x) San Diego ("Weezer Wednesday" 3/23), 102.1 THE EDGE Dallas ("9 o'clock Cock Fight"), New Rock 97.3 Cincinnati, 101X Austin TX, The Edge Radio 103.9 Phoenix (3/21 "Double Edge Weezer Day"), 96.5 the Buzz Kansas City (#1 on "the 7 @ 7 that don't suck"!), 103.9 The X Dayton, Ohio, drive105 Minneapolis MN, 94.7 The Buzz Oklahoma City, X102.3 Fort Wayne TX, 106.7 The End New Orleans, X96.3 KXRK Salt Lake City, Q101 Chicago (ranked on "Top 9 at 9"), O-Rock 105.9 Orlando (#4 on Furious 8 at 8), Real Rock 101.1 Orlando, Knoxville's 94.3 the X, 103.3 The Edge Buffalo (whoo!), 102.1 The Edge Toronto (chosen over NIN by the "Nooner" audience!), BBC Radio One BRITIAN (Zane Lowe show 3/23 debut!).