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04/25/05 MB '05 Tour: Day 1: to Vancouver

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...Weezer met up at LAX airport this morning, to catch an Air Canada flight up to beautiful Vancouver. The tour crew had flown up the night before, and were getting everything set up. This is known as production rehearsal, where the sound, light, and stage guys make sure everything works right and streamline the system and organization of everything so that its ready for the whole tour. By the time the band showed up this afternoon, things were just about reay to roll, and an extended soundcheck was had, as well as a tasty catered dinner in a side room. The band rolled thru most of their current setlist and everyone made the tweaks and alterations to their settings and gear to make sure it was sounding right. Pat and Scott were the first to take the stage and immediately launched into some "were on tour again!" jamming including some Police and ZZ Top jambs.

...Last Wednesday after that day's band rehearsal had ended, Brian reported a very strange earache, that felt like something was scraping the inside of his ear canal. He was unable to find any relief by the next morning, in fact the pain was more severe and even stranger feeling. So he went to a doctor and had it checked out. Turns out that a small piece of Brians custom molded in-ear monitor actually broke off when he was wearing it during the rehearsal, and was stuck deep inside his ear. "They told me there was a bit of molded plastic in there, and i immediately thought of my in-ears. How in the world a bit broke off like that I'll never know, but the doctor sayd i was lucky it hadnt lodged itself even deeper." Sure enough, when Brian checked it, the little monitor in question was indeed missing a piece, and the doctor had to carefully go into Brians ear with a delicate instument and pull the offending morsel out. We are happy to report that there was no perminant damage and no danger of hearing loss.

...there is a Vancouver-based mini-interview with Pat online here on terminalcity.co.

...fan Neil wrote in reporting that the current Weezer cover o' the Rolling Stone was shown on NBC Nightly News during a story about ticket scalping. If you havent seen the issue yet, besides the Weezer cover story (Online excerpt here) theres an informative article on the current scalping situation, many of the problems of which were recently experienced by weezer fans teying to get tickets to the current tour.

...T-Mobile has added "Beverly Hills" to their offerings of Hi-Fi Ringtones. Check out their "T-Zones" area, it comes up when you search the latest new ringtones.

...chart update: its kinda like the stock market, up one day down the next, and when you hit #1, theres nowhere to go but down! But "Beverly Hills" is in the midst of an excellent run overall, flirting with the Hot 100 like no weezer song ever has before, and making serious noise on the modern rock and digital song charts, with solid video play on Mtv, Mtv2, Vh1, Fuse and MuchMusic.
Billboard's modern rock chart: up to #4 from #6; Hot 100: #29 from #13, Hot Digital Tracks #3 from #1, Hot Digital Songs #4 from #1.

...tribute show: Tribute band "The Good Old Days" playing many weezer songs: Dallas, April 28th At the Syndicate (bottom floor of the UNT Union building), $1, 9:30 PM.