Karl's Corner - 05/01/2005

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05/01/05 MB '05 Tour: Day 7: day off

...total day o' rest for all, save the drivers who are well into a 2000 mile run from L.A. to Minneapolis by now. Heres a roundup of some recent tidbits...

...Small contest here to win a promo Beverly Hills CD single. Only 3 winners, this wont last!

...Small interview with me (in German) about Make Believe and such here.

...Weezer is currently featured in the 'Our Music' section of this website.

...visit bellbrothers.net for a Weezer "dance revolution" type game that some fans have been enjoying.

...Still no word on what the UK version of Make Believe will have for its 2 bonus tracks. The Japanese version is currently listed as having the 12 songs of the USA edition followed by Butterfly (live), Island In The Sun (Live), and TBA(unknown) (Live).

...some fresh 'Beverly Hills' love:
JAPAN: used in Japanese TV programs "Pu*Sma" and "SmapXSmap"; video mentioned on ESPN's "Cold Pizza."; Video airing on IMF's "World's Greatest Videos", Sirius 21 (Alt Nation) + Underground Garage, Faction, the Spectrum, Maxim Radio 145 and now Sirius 1 - Sirius Hits!; X96.3 Salt Lake City KXRK ("ten songs that don't suck" #3); WBZX, 99.7 The Blitz Columbus; IRAQ (heard on US base radio); WMFS 93X Memphis; 105.7 Alfa Rock San Juan, Puerto Rico; 97 Rock (97.1) Tri-Cities Washington; 106.5 Charlotte NC; 99.9 thebuzz (#1 on the top 9 at 9 in its first week, 4/1); UK Kerrang radio, NORWAY NRK P3 (on their B-list), BELGIUM 107.7 Rock FM (#2!); 91X KXUL Monroe Louisiana, 92KQRS Minnesota classic rock - featured on "Homegrown" show.