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05/09/05 MB '05 Tour: Day 15: Day Off (Radio Event), Philly

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...post show report: Today went pretty smoothly. The band was shuttled over to Indre Studios, where they were set up in a semicircle of old chairs and couches with Jim McGuinn. The interview and the fan call-ins were recorded, including breaks for the commercials and the songs to be played from Make Believe. They only had to re-do one or two moments where there was a tech error, for the most part everything was fine the first time around. It was a really comfortable experience, a testimony to the bands long time relationship with Jim and the other guys involved in putting on the show, and to the bands general level of confidence around the imminent release of Make Believe.

TODAY: "WEEZER: Live From Philadelphia" - One Time & One Night Only

This 60-minute, non-exclusive national radio event is being fed via satellite on the Weezer Radio Network.

Don't miss this exclusive radio event as Weezer's Brian Bell, Rivers Cuomo, Scott Shriner and Patrick Wilson will be on hand for their *only* radio interview discussing the new release, Make Believe, while fielding phone calls from a national audience.

Hosted by Jim McGuinn (of the recently embattled Y-100 Philadelphia), this live radio special airs TODAY, Monday, May 9 at 8pm EST with a replay for West Coast stations at 8pm Pacific.

This is a list of stations that are confirmed to be airing the show TODAY May 9th: (check local listings for time)

KITS San Francisco WWDC Wash DC
WFNX Boston
WNNX Atlanta
XTRA San Diego
KTCL Denver
WXDX Pittsburgh
KRBZ Kansas City
KXRK Salt Lake City
WBRU Providence
WRZX Indianapolis
KROX Austin
WBBB Raleigh
WMFS Memphis
WPLA Jacksonville
KHBZ Oklahoma City
WRXL Richmond
WXEG Dayton
KFMA Tucson
WEQX Albany, NY *technical difficulties resulted in WEQX missing about 3/4 of the show.
KMYZ Tulsa
WRWK Toledo
WXNR Greenville, NC
KRAB Bakersfield
WXTW Fort Wayne
KROG Medford, OR
KRZN Billings, MT
KURQ San Luis Obispo
WFXH Savannah, GA
WKZQ Myrtle Beach, S.C.
WOBX Elizabeth City - Nags Head, NC
WRRV Poughkeepsie
WRXS Salisbury/Ocean City, MD
WEQX Manchester VT *added at the last minute!

The following stations have confirmed they will air it, but will be delaying their broadcasts to later dates and times. (check local listings for times)

WYSP Philadelphia
KPNT St. Louis
WXTM Cleveland
WLUM Milwaukee *no longer confirmed
WPBZ West Palm
KJEE Santa Barbara
KBAZ Missoula, MT
KQRX Midland, TX
WBSD Burlington, WI

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