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5/23/02 Walkie Talkie, Men's Pocky

Japan World Cup Tour show #6: Club Zepp, Osaka (second night)

...Osaka #2: More setlist suprises! Tonights big news was the inclusion of the heavy fan request "Across The Sea", which saw its first performance since 1997! (In Osaka, no less!) (note: yesterday's "Getchoo" performance turned out to be the first one since Sept 6th 2000 in Minneapolis.) Tonight also saw the debut of "Slave", and new performances of recently dusted off tracks "No Other One", "Holiday", and album 5 contender "Modern Dukes". Everyone seemed to be having a lot more fun tonight. The ever-developing technical issues situation got some tweaks pre-show, with some song tempos, amp placememt and settings, and monitor mixes getting some re-vamping. This dedication to getting it right seemed to pay off with a stoked band.

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...the first 4 Osaka show #2 fans' stories that came in...

  • :...wao!! i never imagine i can hear weezer play 'across the sea' in the show tonight at zepp osaka!! it would be No.1 special weezer show in my life!!! they played other...'Holidaylove explosionno other one'...and more more!!! i love today's set list most!!!!!!!!! unfortunatelly,it was last show for me in this time...so i really miss you guys from tomorrow,,,i really wanna tell to weezer that thanks for giving me so great and exciting show !!!!!! i've got a lot of power from weezer tonight!!! plz come back osaka asap!! and weezer guys 'GA N BA TTE!!'" ---kyoko.t
  • "...How could I think I can listen to "Acress the sea"??? I'm really happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost I cried...WEEZER SAIKOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really short and I was in front of Brian,so I couldn't see Scott... I'm going to England this summer to go to V2002 and Reading festival. I'm seeing WEEZER again in England!!!!!!!!" ---Yoshiko
  • "...Thanks for the awesome show in Osaka! It was my first Weezer concert (the first of what I hope will be many) and I have to say, it was the best concert I have ever been to! People where screaming and singing their heads off! The crowd was just going crazy! River's Japanese was very impressive. Where did he learn to say "Kimochi iku iku"? Sugoi! The night's highlight for me was when Weezer played "Across the Sea" and when Pat commented on Mount Fuji`s yummy apples (after the encore song)! Crunchy wasn't it??? I like them also but too bad they are so flippin' expensive! All and all, it was a great night! If only I could have gotten my hands on a World Cup Tour T-shirt, the night would have been perfect! Please say you will make it available on the on-line store of something! (^_^)" ---Tracy
  • "...what a great super duper kick ass rad cool rocking- over all SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR show!!! it was the best night of our lives! flying from guam to osaka, waiting 26 hours at school and after school, walking for miles and miles (we're still tired as hell), and basically almost killing ourselves with our nerves was ALL VERY MUCH WORTH IT! only in dreams was beautiful. death and destruction was psychadelic (kudos to dan the lighting guy). my name is jonas- oh my god- u totally rocked out on that one. and tired of sex shook the world. we were right in front of brian which was cool..."brian, its ok- everyone makes mistakes" (in reference to him knocking over his guitar stand then yelling a very distiguishing "sh--!" and making us laugh) we were also right at the railing which rocked even more! despite the japanese girls lying on top of us, shoving us against the railings, breathing beer on us, and screaming. and the fuji apple thing was hilarious. rivers and scott crawling around on the floor at the end- closing the show that way- was pretty cool too. also...we had never heard any am radio stuff but we r definitely fans now! they totally rocked the zepp- along with the casbah." ---kayleigh & yuri

...weezerfest/listening party mini-update:

  • Aurora, Co - A nice little layed back acoustic show with some nice Weezer covers in store. A big acoustic Only in Dreams finale planned. Free food and chai. May 24th at 5:30 at the Village Green Park on Chambers Cir.
  • Huntington Beach (LA), CA: The organizer, Jackie, sez:

"who: you
what: weezerfest, la style. sandwiches time
where: huntington beach, ca
when: sunday (the 26th) around 6:30 or 7 pm
why: why not
if anyone is planning on coming, EMAIL ME"