Karl's Corner - 06/30/2010

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2010/06/30 Weezer playing US Open of Surfing!

2010/06/30 Weezer playing US Open of Surfing!

...On August 7th, Weezer will be playing at the Hurley US Open Of Surfing, in Huntington Beach, CA! Opening will be Hot Hot Heat. Free! Heres all the info.

...Weezer Radio is now featuring the excellent "Barely Legal Radio" show, every Friday morning. "Barely Legal" is hosted by the acclaimed DJ Joe Escalante who was beloved as the morning commute DJ on Los Angeles' excellent Indie 103.1 station while it was still going. "Barely Legal Radio" is a caller driven show which provides legal and professional advice for people interested in show business. You can also hear "Barely Legal Radio" on L.A.'s KFWB 980 AM on Sundays at 5 PM beginning July 11, 2010.

...well, it was a sad day when Team USA got eliminated from the World Cup by Ghana in the second round. No doubt they gave it their all and did a great job, and we're proud of them "whether you win or lose", as Weezer's "Represent" song goes. Speaking of, "Represent" got a lot of exposure in a very short time as the unofficial rallying song for the team, stoking up the team in the locker room and the fans on Youtube. Even Bill Clinton got in on the action.

...Rivers joined DJ Aoki during his set at The Electric Daisy techno-fest in L.A. the other night. He sang on a new track that they collaborated on for Aoki's upcoming album, as well as a mosh and dance friendly rendition of "Hash Pipe". Spin mag has noted this guest appearance as one of the 10 best moments at this years Electric Daisy.

...nice interview with Brian on Knoxville's WBIR TV station, at Bonnaroo.