Karl's Corner - 07/06/2005

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07/06/05 Well, there's no swimming in my show

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Today we woke up on the bus as it was cruising into Wisconsin. Soon we were checking into a hotel and reanointing all stiff necks, dirty clothes, and other crunked up matters. The evening brought a fun gathering of band and crew at The Safe House, a neat Milwaukee bar whose theme is all things espionage. As there are several new crew members doing various lighting and sound jobs on this tour, the band wanted a non-work setting to meet everybody and chill out for a while. A cool suprise was when the Pixies' Joey Santiago showed up with some Pixies crew members and joined the party. The next 3 shows are historic in a way - Weezer and the Pixies sharing the stage! When weezer was starting out, the Pixies were already legendary, and were a big source of inspiration to the guys who were still finding their own sound. And now, almost 15 years later, the paths finally cross. Though Brian has had a bit of experience sharing the Pixies stage, as his previous band Carnival Art opened for the Pixies waaay back in '90.

(FYI, just found out that Weezer will be closing the show in Milwaukee and Montreal, and the Pixies will be closing the show in Toronto)

...California Love: Perfect situation hits #1 on LA's KROQ furious five at 9! Both Perfect Situation and We Are All On Drugs are both on their top 10 most requested list! Weezer is Kroq's 19th biggest band of all time! Meanwhile at SF's Live 105, Rivers was voted #26 on their "top 105 american rock icons" list.

...Canadian Love: The Beverly Hills video is up to #18 on MuchMusic top 30 Countdown, while on MusiquePlus its jumped to #13. MuchMusic is airing a Spotlight on Weezer on July 19 at 4:30 PM Eastern time (repeating at 10PM.) On Montreal's "Radio Energie" countdown, Beverly Hills has been at #1 for 3 weeks straight!

...Malaysian Love: Beverly Hills hit #16 on Malaysia's Hitz.fm listener vote driven Top 20 chart.

...More Make Believe reviews at PlaybackSTL and Christian Music Today.

...German TV update: WDR will be airing a Rock am Ring special that will include some Weezer preformances from the festival, on August 21st at 3:25 AM. Some details here.

...Weezer was featured on iTunes' Celebrity playlist the other day. Its unclear whether this has been archived somewhere, as they change it everyday and im not signed up. If anyone had/has access to it, let us know what it said/says.

...A message from the company that runs weezer's online merch store: Cinder Block is giving you a month of savings on our stores, use the promo code LUCKY7 during checkout to get 7% off your orders all month long! Lucky 7 percent off all throughout the 7th month of the year! How good can life get?

...shoutout to Emily Day!