Karl's Corner - 07/09/2001

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7/9/01 Various L.A. things; remember Mykel and Carli!

...Everyone, if you haven't checked out the Mykel and Carli tribute page (under our "weezer fans" section), please take a minute to read it, as today is the anniversary of their deaths. All of us who knew them (even just a little) would agree that they are as much in our minds and hearts now as they ever were...

...Well, we don't know what happened, but the video shoot has apparently been pushed back till Thursday (the 12th). While there are tons of other behind the scenes band things to deal with in the time we have here, everyone in the band is really upset that the cancellation of the last 2 shows of the Euro-tour was basically avoidable, if we had only known this was going to happen! Well, as they say, "...the best laid plans...." I guess we just have to accept it, as we have no control over the technical aspects of preparing for a video shoot.

...When the guys realized that the schedule was suddenly a bit more open, they seized the opportunity to get some work done! They headed into a studio to finish up the 4 unfinished tracks from the BBC Evening Session recording session, so now the BBC demos of "Keep Fishin'", Saturday Night", "Zep Song" (formerly known as "Not In Love With You"), and "December" are as complete as the 4 songs that were already broadcast on the BBC. Keep and eye on our "Audio Video" section, folks...

...After intense amounts of struggle, the new laptops are coming into their own. Still tranferring piles o' weez files, but the worst is over. (see photo for a common sight these last few days...)