Karl's Corner - 07/16/2010

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2010/07/16 Brooklyn NY, NYC: Williamsburg Waterfront

2010/07/16 Brooklyn NY, NYC: Williamsburg Waterfront

...It's a steaming hot day today in New York. We drove over the mighty Williamsburg Bridge to the Williamsburg Waterfront, which just might have the nicest view of any venue in the country, the entire Manhattan skyline. Soon the 3 band bill will begin with Awolnation, followed by Rival Schools' 3rd show with us, and then Weezer of course.

Matt Pinfield was there for RXP to do the band introduction in style. Earlier in the day he did an interview with Rivers that is now available on his Pinfield Podcast here.

Todays show also represented a lot of friend and family reunions for the band and crew alike. Backstage was festive and hopping with lil kids and quality chaos much of the day. Big ups to Ami Spishock, Pete Cammarata (weezerisland), Dan Bleed, Ali Mutant, Brians sister Leia for the awesome limited edition silkscreened show posters, and Possum Tom from the Strut!

Comment here if you went, tell your tale!




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