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07/17/05 I wanted them to have the sense memory of that

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 55: Myrtle Beach, SC - House Of Blues
We pulled into Myrtle Beach this morning after an overnight run from Atlanta. What a peaceful town this is. The thick forests and the ocean are really beautiful. Guess thats why people vacation here, its plenty lounge worthy! Now, theres lots of new development out here too, with the big box stores and high rise hotels bumping up against the tarpaper shacks and fading juke joints of the past. One new development blends in quite cleverly, bridging the old school and new school of South Carolina - The House of Blues. This "tin shack" with recycled parts from vintage dwellings of long ago is equipped with a top quality soundsystem, tasty restaurant and some of the too-coldest A/C ever! The sheer contrast in temps from inside to out at this place is enough to give you an instant fever and/or headcold. Mosh all you want, its hard to get that main room hot enough to sweat in! Outside, a whole bunch of huge alligators roam next door in a 'nature park' aka tourist trap. We didnt hang out much in the back parking lot for 2 reasons: one, we slightly preferred the 50 degrees inside to the 95 and humid outside, and two, no one wanted to stumble into a ditch somewhere and end up in the alligator zone! However, post show, with the concept of safety in numbers in mind, both Brian and Rivers headed out for some fan greetings before we rolled, ever mindful of the beasts just next door.

Todays show was very cool in that there was not a single scalped or ebayed ticket sold! This was made possible by the implementation of a 'will call' system for everyone - 2 tickets per customer, and purchased tickets had to be picked up in person with an ID to verify, and ticket holders couldnt leave the venue once they had their tickets in hand. Therefore: only fans got tickets, cuz what scalper would actually want to see the show? This system is very rarely done, and almost never done for venues larger than this one, as the additional personell and time taken to process everyone can be overwhelming. But todays show stands as a great example of how to do it right, and I hope this practice spreads.

We reunited with our buds The Fray today, and they continue to do a great job. They turned in another quality set, this time their longer set that includes the raucous cover of 'Come Together'. Read their tour blog on their site! its cool to read about the tour from another perspective. Weezer continued its current streak of high energy 'kick ass' shows tonight, including their first live rendition of "Why Bother?" since '02, with Brian doing the lead vocals for the first time ever! The set is really fun to watch now, with all sort of sweet guitar solos, rock moves, sing alongs, and general rockery going on.

large size picture: here.

props to M____?(sorry! not enough brain today!) at the soundboard.

props to Jason H. coming all the way from Alaska to fufill his '02 Scavenger Hunt tix!

and props to spiffy kimbean and the SC SFS crew!

The current tour merchandise can be seen here (updated 7/10/05).