Karl's Corner - 07/29/2000

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...Tonite was the triumphant return of weezer to Sacramento, where they rocked the Crest Theater to the ground. Way back in '94 there were insurmountable technical difficulties that forced the band to leave a show early, to the great anger of the audience. It seems all is forgiven now, nothing but smiles and satisfaction. Of course, whats a Sacto show without at least a few technical foul ups? The monitor engineers did their best to spoil the bands mojo with horribly unpredictable monitors, but the band displayed adaptability by switching up where Rivers sang from for a while. Good job, men!

Also tonight saw the public unveiling of another new song, "Your Sister"...The fantastic Ozma opened up the show, and will do so again at the Whiskey tomorrow (today). Check these guys out, they rock!

...Already the stickers are flowing in, and being applied to the new guitar. Keep 'em coming folks!

...Well, the producer votes are in! after over 250 emails chock full of good suggestions, the top 10 most wanted producers for the new weezer record are:

  1. Ric Ocasek
  2. Nigel Godrich
  3. Butch Vig
  4. Mark Trombino
  5. J. Robbins
  6. Jon Brion
  7. Sean Slade and Paul Kolderie
  8. Brendan O'Brien
  9. Jay Baumgartner
  10. Jerry Harrison

(note that some names with heavy votes were excluded due to the preferences of the band, and that "produce it themselves" got serious votes as well, but is not being considered... )

So, as i write, new demo tapes are being sent out to these ten producers (as well as some others the band expressed interest in)...time will tell how you guys affected the process!

...And now the big news. Below you will see a TENTATIVE, UNFINALIZED and SUBJECT TO CHANGE itinerary for the weezer "east coast" tour. Remember, this is NOT final, and ANY date could be dropped, changed or added still...

The final schedule, when it becomes known, will be posted at the main RWA news page...

Aug 23 New York: Irving Plaza (all ages) (note this show replaces the 2 Bowery Ballroom ones)
Aug 24 New Jersey: Stone Pony (18+)
Aug 25 Boston: Axis (all ages)
Aug 26 off (karl to Buffalo to attend his cousin's wedding!) (all ages, invite only, sold out)
Aug 27 Providence, RI: Lupo's (all ages)
Aug 28 Washington, DC: 9:30 Club (all ages)
Aug 29 Philadelphia: T.L.A. (all ages)
Aug 30 Cleveland: Odeon (all ages)
Aug 31 off
Sept 1 Buffalo, NY: ??? (all ages...?)
Sept 2 Detroit: St. Andrews (all ages)
Sept 3 Chicago: Metro (all ages)
Sept 4 off
Sept 5 Milwaukee, WI: ??? (all ages...?)
Sept 6 Minneapolis: ??? (all ages...?)
Sept 7 Lawrence, KS: ??? (all ages...?)
Sept 8 off
Sept 9 Denver, CO: ??? (all ages...?)
Sept 10-?? ???????????????

...some folks are clamoring to know the titles of all the new songs that the band has been unveiling at the recent shows. There are a whopping TWELVE new songs that have been played live already, and here they are:

Mad Kow
Your Sister
Preacher's Son
My Brain Is Workin' Overtime
Hash Pipe
Dope Nose
Too Late To Try
Modern Dukes
Ev'ry Nite