Karl's Corner - 08/04/2009

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2009/08/04 Remix Competition, Now Im Out Of Their Dang Reach

2009/08/04 Remix Competition, Now Im Out Of Their Dang Reach

...Today and yesterday there was more work done in the studio with Rivers and Brian sorting out some vocals and guitar stuff. In theory this was the last of the recording sessions for the 7th Album, but there may be more bits and pieces to do in the coming days. Soon mixing the new and revised material will be underway. And meanwhile the band will shortly be starting their rehearsals for the upcoming tour with Blink-182!

...now, folks, here's a cool new contest, in which you can make your own custom remix of the Rivers Cuomo track "My Brain Is Working Overtime", on Indaba.com! "...Rivers is now offering the Indaba community the accapella and instrumental tracks for the song "My Brain Is Working Overtime" and wants to hear you complete, reimagine, and fully-realize the potential of this home recording..."

And here's Rivers talking about the new Session Console software (on which you can do your remix!):

...Check out Weezer's "Why Bother?" in the upcoming Guitar Hero 5 game coming on September 1st! For more on GH5 click here.

...Todays photo is from the 7/24 Jisan Valley Rock Festival in Korea - that photo and the following photos are (C)Yellow 9, by Robyn Kim. Thanks Robyn!