Karl's Corner - 08/06/2009

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2009/08/06 Allergic To The Counterfeit, Impartial To The Politics

2009/08/06 Allergic To The Counterfeit, Impartial To The Politics

...Today the mixing of Album 7 started, or rather picked up where it left off back in the Spring. Rich Costey is back on hand again, in L.A. this time. Theres a bit of unorthodox technique in the works as things get started, as Pat works on some additional guitar on certain tracks in the same studio where Rich is mixing. This process just got underway today and should continue tomorrow. Once Pat gets these bits and pieces added, Rich will then be flying solo till the mixes are all done.

...Reminder: new contest, in which you can make your own custom remix of the Rivers Cuomo track "My Brain Is Working Overtime", on Indaba.com! "...Rivers is now offering the Indaba community the accapella and instrumental tracks for the song "My Brain Is Working Overtime" and wants to hear you complete, reimagine, and fully-realize the potential of this home recording..."

...Reminder: check out Weezer's "Why Bother?" in the upcoming Guitar Hero 5 game coming on September 1st! For more on GH5 click here.

...in todays pix, a guest photo by Adam Orth (guitar shred), some wild fan art from Nico, and a nice "Only In Dreams" themed poster by Jennifer G.