Karl's Corner - 08/09/2005

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08/09/05 I don't have any secrets - you know how I feel

...time has flown. The "We Are All On Drugs" video (2.0) has been shot and is in the editing room, and the band has taken a short break to recharge the ol' batteries. On Wednesday we all fly to Osaka, Japan to start the next round of The Make Believe Tour! Things are gonna be hot for a while now. The rest of August will be spent in Japan and Europe, and then after a short break at the end of August, The Weezer/Foo Fighters/Foozer/Wee Fighters Tour gets underway for most of September and October, aside from a week in September where weezer will be visiting Mexico and Brazil for the very first time!

...Foozer ticket presales are continuing, those of you on the weezer mailing list should be getting the info for San Diego and Phoenix shows late Tuesday night.

...The We Are All On Drugs cd single will be in stores on...
UK - August 15th
Int'l - August 22nd

the UK cd single will contain:
1. We Are All On Drugs
2. Beverly Hills - Urbanix Mix
3. Burndt Jamb - Live
4. We Are All On Drugs - CD-Rom Video

...Here is the iTunes Podcast that Brian and Scott did with Josh Abraham. Check it out!

...don't forget to check out this Weezer/The Fray contest!

...over at weezerdayz, they've been running a "Make Believe Survivor" poll, and its coming down to the wire...

...crazy Halo 2/Beverly Hills video here.

...Speaking of the Beverly Hills video, its been nominated for the Best Rock Video category in this year's Mtv VMA's.

...Weezer's "Island In The Sun" video has been nominated in FUSE TV's "F-List" show - this week the category is "best video with animals". To vote for weezer on fuse.tv, navigate to 'tv shows' then to 'f-list'!

...and finally, whoah...