Karl's Corner - 08/10/2005

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08/10/05 and when i am away, your penny i'll keep

...MB '05 Tour: Day 63: fly to Japan
Today we boarded a 747 and flew from Los Angeles to Osaka, Japan to start the next round of The Make Believe Tour! Actually Brian and Rivers went over a few days early to acclimate and spend a few vacation days before the tour started. The flight is about 12 hours, broken up into little segments of computing, reading, napping, snacking, computing, stretching, reading, napping, computing, etc. Although it never gets dark, we cross the International Date Line and thus lose a day, landing on Thursday instead of Wednesday. Mid-flight, I switched my computer's time zone over, and thereby suddenly went from 7:38 pm Wed August 10 to 11:38 am Thursday August 11. Whew! Later in the tour we fly west, to Europe and later to LA, so I believe we somehow make up the lost day that way. I hope so...I want my day back!